In less than a month I’ll be married!

Hello everyone

I have been really busy with the last arrangements for the big event of the year, my wedding, and that’s why I have been a little disconnected… I keep following your blogs (thanks to Google Reader!), but in the latest weeks I have not done another thing apart from worrying and solving all the issues that a wedding implies…
Besides that, to make things complicated, we’re getting married in Lagos, but we’re organizing eveything from A Coruña! So, you know, I’ve got the perfect excuse for not having my blog up to date, LOL.

Well, I take this chance to show you the first fabric bags I made. I hope you like it!


Gift for my invisible friend: acrylic brooch in jeans and fabric ring

In the school where I work we use to organize a Christmas dinner where we exchange gifts between ourselves. This year my gift was to my friend Catuxa and this is what she got. I think she liked it a lot. I did it thinking of her and her style. Always with a lot of love and care.

First Order!!! To Little Miss Maimun

Tomorrow this package will be sent to Madrid!!! I’m so happy! It’s my first order! I hope to sell everything that’s in it and more… It’s a great opportunity to spread out the word about rabiscARTE.

So, if you are in Madrid go take a look at Little Miss Maimun. There you will find not just my work but a lot of beautiful pieces of art from other gifted artists.