Week Selections #5

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

escolhas semana 5 pequeno

♦1 A new blog to follow! frannerdsblog.blogspot.de is an illustrator’s blog from Chile who’s currently living in Berlin. She writes in English and in Spanish. I found out about this blog thanks to an interview made by Isidora Morales from El Blog de Lupi.

♦2 Last week I received a really cool present for Olivia from my Spanish friends, a dress from Rock Horror Baby. I loved it so much that I went to explore their web page and I fell in love with this dress. It’s so cute!

♦3 I love to discover new music! I stumbled upon Imany in  Grooveshark and immediately started to listen to the full album. I like some songs more than others but in general I love her voice and style. I already knew “You Will Never Know” but I don’t know where from. And my favorite is “Pray For Help“.

♦4 My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV (not counting the series… laughs), but sometimes we watch the only Portuguese channel we have access to, RTP Internacional. One of these days we were watching a television show called Moda Portugal and through them I found out about Rutz, a Portuguese shoes’ brand that designs and produces shoes made of cork! The idea seemed so interesting and the shoes are really pretty! You can find out more about them here.

♦5 I found this beautiful image from Pejac in TODODESIGN Facebook page.

♦6 This small image doesn’t make any justice to the great work of Dave Pollot, but it’s one of my favorites. He gives a new life to the paintings his girlfriend finds for him in thrift stores by adding some modern, pop art and Scifi elements to them. I found him thanks to BuzzFeed.

♦7 Did I already mention that I simply love the kids clothes brand Wild Things? Yes… in here!

Berlin breathes art from everywhere…

In August I was in Berlin… for me it is a  dream city! This city breathes art everywhere. In every neighborhood you get to see a street market, where anything is sold, like home-made food, paintings, fashion accessories, purses, sweets… Every street has something different, like a painted wall or door, a windowpane with flowers, a sculpture made of garbage, it’s really a world of inspiration! I’ve been there for 10 days and it felt like it wasn’t enough… Check out some of the many pictures I’ve taken.

By the way, I’m preparing a much more complete post about my trip to Berlin. Soon you’ll get to see it at FOTOVIAJAR, a Portuguese web page about traveling from a friend of mine.

At the several street markets I visited, I had the opportunity of knowing the work of many artists that I didn’t know of until now. Here are the websites of some of them: