My New Books: “Sew!” by Cath Kidston and “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin

I have the best husband in the whole world!

A couple of months ago he offered me the book “sew!” by Cath Kidston. And then, a few weeks later, he offered me another one: “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin.

The first one is very practical when it comes to learning the basics of sewing. It has a lot of images and is based on tutorials. It even brings all the materials you need to sew a handbag. To find more about the author check out her page:

The second is the most useful book I’ve ever read. It was my reading in Turkey and I still check it sometimes. I got great advices and even took several notes, just like a student. It’s very easy to read. As I read it I felt an enormous will to work and implement all the knowledge it conveys. The author, Kari Chapin, counts with the help and wisdom of many other bloggers. To know more about Kari you can consult: