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Well, hello there! How are you? It’s nice to come back!
And with a “Do It Yourself” tutorial! Wanna learn how you can give a new look to your cellphone case?
You just need a few minutes, some washi tape and other materials that I’m sure you have wandering around your home.

washi tape

So, here we go!

– washi tape *to cover and decorate your cellphone case
– old cellphone cover *to renew it
– plain white glue (or mod podge if you have it) *to protect the case and make it waterproof
– cutter *to cut and open the holes in your cellphone case
– small container *to put some glue
– soft brush *to spread the glue onto the case

1 – take the plastic case out of your old cellphone cover (mine was fake leather, bought online);
2 – clean and scratch all the glue that the plastic case might still have on it;
3 and 4 – cover it with washi tape (I used two kinds of washi tape, both from IKEA, but you can use whatever you want and cover the case however you want);

Between steps 4 and 5 I forgot to take a picture, but it’s when you make the holes with the cutter in your cellphone case to match the buttons/camera sockets.

5 – using the soft brush spread glue onto the cellphone case. Wait a couple of hours and apply a second layer of glue to it. Let it dry completely and there you have it! A brand new case!

Note: if you already have a plastic case, skip steps 1 and 2 :)



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See how to create your own kitchen magnets using your Instagram photos!


So easy that I don’t even have to show you pictures of the how-to process!

You just need these materials:


And all you have to do is:

1. print your photos on the PHOTO PAPER;
2. cut them using the cutter and a ruler;
3. stick the photos to the MAGNET SHEET (it comes already with glue on one of its faces);
4. cut the MAGNET SHEET with your photos already glued to it.


And that’s it! Easy, right? Do you like the idea?

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Tutorial in Action #4: Rubber Stamps by Crealoo

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What’s Crealoo? It’s a company that designs DIY kits, simple as that! You ask for your kit and you get a box full of materials and really good instructions to create your own things.

My mum gave me a three month subscription for 2012 Christmas, so I received three boxes during three months! I loved the idea, but with all the moving (from La Coruña to Berlin and then to Geneva) those boxes stood closed and untouched during a long time…

Since I arrived to Geneva I’ve been putting in practice some of the Crealoo‘s tutorials and this is one of my favorites! Rubber stamps! It’s so easy to make them! You just need to follow the instructions they give you in the magazine but you can see by my photos that it”s really simple.

I chose some simple shapes to carve since it was my first time doing it. What do you think? I’m really happy with the results!



Low Cost and Handmade Christmas Decorations 2: DIY “Christmas Garland”

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And we continue with the low cost and handmade Christmas Decorations. I present to you my Pompoms and Stars Garland! For this one, as I did in the wreath I showed yesterday, I just used wool and clean-pipes. I hope you like it, because I love it!


Low Cost and Handmade Christmas Decorations 1: DIY “Christmas Crown/Garland/Wreath”

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This year we’re spending Christmas at our own place, because I’m almost 7 months pregnant and I cant’t fly to Portugal to spend it with my family in my grandparents’ house… So, for the first time, I’m decorating my own place! My mum, my little brother and my stepfather are coming to spend Christmas with us and I want it to be perfect!

The first thing I made was this crown, for the entrance door. I just needed some wool for the wreath and for the pompoms and clean-pipes for the stars. I love it! I’m completely in love for it! And I’m super proud of having made it! What do you think?


DIY: Fabric Bowl

A few days ago, I made this bowl with some of the fabrics my friend Sun-Kyong brought me from Korea. You just need a plastic bowl to serve you as a mold, white glue (or Mod Podge), a pair of scissors and a brush. First you cut the fabric into pieces and then you glue them to the plastic bowl with the help of your brush. Let it dry over night and it’s ready! After it’s dried, you separate it from the plastic bowl and you have your own bowl!

I like the irregularity of my bowl. I glued the pieces of fabric randomly and this is the result. But if you prefer, you can glue them with more careful and in a intentional way, and you’ll get something more “perfect”. Or you can just cut it at the end, when it’s already dried.




My hands at the end of this craft… I don’t like to use rubber gloves. But I love white glue, because it’s so easy to clean.