Handmade Christmas Gifts: Amigonstro

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It’s been two weeks since I should have published this post… Between one thing and another, and a lot of laziness, too much time has passed!

Every year for Christmas, since three years ago, my husband gives me something from Amigonstro. I love everything that Marta Belo designs, but I can’t afford to buy something new every season. So, in order to satisfy my whim, Joaquim gives me something new every Xmas.

If it depended on me, I would buy everything from her online shop! One of the many advantages of buying from Amigonstro is that Marta is super nice and friendly and let you personalize some details of her products. I love purple and Joaquim always asks her to keep that in mind. Also, her service is very personal and direct so, for example, this year my husband asked her not to put her name or anything related with the brand in the package because he was afraid I would see our mail box and find out what my Xmas gift was beforehand. And, every once in a while she makes some great discounts!

Here is what I’ve already got from this brand:


Xmas 2013 – wallet

Xmas 2012 – handbag


Xmas 2011 – handbag


Low Cost and Handmade Christmas Decorations 2: DIY “Christmas Garland”

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

And we continue with the low cost and handmade Christmas Decorations. I present to you my Pompoms and Stars Garland! For this one, as I did in the wreath I showed yesterday, I just used wool and clean-pipes. I hope you like it, because I love it!


Low Cost and Handmade Christmas Decorations 1: DIY “Christmas Crown/Garland/Wreath”

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

This year we’re spending Christmas at our own place, because I’m almost 7 months pregnant and I cant’t fly to Portugal to spend it with my family in my grandparents’ house… So, for the first time, I’m decorating my own place! My mum, my little brother and my stepfather are coming to spend Christmas with us and I want it to be perfect!

The first thing I made was this crown, for the entrance door. I just needed some wool for the wreath and for the pompoms and clean-pipes for the stars. I love it! I’m completely in love for it! And I’m super proud of having made it! What do you think?


My New Books: “Sew!” by Cath Kidston and “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin

I have the best husband in the whole world!

A couple of months ago he offered me the book “sew!” by Cath Kidston. And then, a few weeks later, he offered me another one: “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin.

The first one is very practical when it comes to learning the basics of sewing. It has a lot of images and is based on tutorials. It even brings all the materials you need to sew a handbag. To find more about the author check out her page: http://www.cathkidston.eu/.

The second is the most useful book I’ve ever read. It was my reading in Turkey and I still check it sometimes. I got great advices and even took several notes, just like a student. It’s very easy to read. As I read it I felt an enormous will to work and implement all the knowledge it conveys. The author, Kari Chapin, counts with the help and wisdom of many other bloggers. To know more about Kari you can consult:  http://www.karichapin.com/.