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I always get the best ideas when I’m breastfeeding my baby… and sometimes I put them into practice! This time I only used a plain white t-shirt, the alphabet stamps set, cardboard and some duct tape and in 20 minutes I had a brand new t-shirt! What do you think about it? Do you like the idea?

tshirt letras

tshirt letras eu


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I love my baby’s name and one of the main reasons why I chose it (yes I chose the name and my husband agreed with it ;) ) was because it’s not very common.

Nevertheless, there are some famous Olivias out there… My favorite ones are without a doubt Olivia the Pig, Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend, and Olivia Dunham, the main character of the Fringe TV series.

Then, I searched for things with my baby’s name on it and I selected these four (there weren’t many more…): a tote bag, a t-shirt, a name’s origin and meaning illustration and a poster. I’m glad I didn’t find much more!

Handmade Christmas Gifts: Raubdruckerin

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Hi there everyone! After some really different Christmas vacations, I’m back!

My mum, my little brother and my stepfather came to visit us and we had a blast! Finally I have an Instagram account, so you can follow me and see what we’ve been doing these past few days.

But there’s something apart from our Christmas vacations that I want to tell you about. I would like to talk about all the handmade Xmas gifts that I gave and received.

So, let’s start with the t-shirt I gave my husband Joaquim. I have a couple of friends living and working in Berlin that started not long ago a really cool and original project. Joana and Emma, from Raubdruckerin, take a manhole cover and stamp it in t-shirts, bags and other stuff. Yes, you red it right! Those metal sewage covers that we see in the ground all over the city. We love Berlin and their idea seemed so cool to me that I decided to give one of their t-shirts to my husband. He loved it!!! In fact, it was his favorite gift!


 Berlin’s manhole covers are super nice because they have the main buildings of the city on them. Go and visit Raubdruckerin’s Facebook page, you will love it!