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Hello everybody! Lets begin this new section on the blog “The Routine 1.0 of…” with the text of Pepe Oliva, author of the spanish blog DIYviértete. He was the first one answering my request for collaboration so I am enormously grateful to him! Before you begin reading his text, check out his blog! It’s in Spanish but it’s very visual and entertaining and in it you can find some really cool, interesting and original DIYs! I simply love his video- tutorials :)


My name is Pepe and I am a Blogger, between many other things. To joke with my friends, I always say that I am a Blogger, DIYer, Crafter, Designer and Fashion Designer, all at once and then, of course, I have to explain every single term (laughs).

I started this blog because I lost my job and I needed to keep my mind somehow occupied and to work all the creativity that I have.

Everything started by asking for help to a few bloggers I was quietly following, so that they could advise me on how to get started. At first it seemed all quite confusing to me! So many new concepts to learn like SEO, Photoshop, PhotoScape, Tweets, Banners, video editing, statistics, HTML… To be honest I almost cried, but hey, step by step you’ll learn and control everything.

I jumped into the pool with only a logotype that I asked a friend to make for me and a mobile as a camera of photos and video, imagine that. Just take a look to my first posts! Nevertheless I don’t want to edit them, they are part of my blog and my growth in it.

One of the characteristics of the blog are the videos and especially the sound-tracks. I use songs that are unknown to my readers, but that have accompanied me during these past few years.

It’s not just the idea that counts, everything from taking good pictures, editing them and the videos, writing texts and preparing good content, takes a lot of time, but in the end it’s worth it a lot.

One of the best sources of inspiration for me is Pinterest, for all the images that it has. I get many ideas from there and later I give them my personal touch. I don’t like to literally copy something.

If I had to choose one of the most visited and fulfilling posts I published, it would be the “Skirt New Look“, nicknamed by many of my followers like the “PepeSkirt” (laughs), with which I organized a giveaway to thank them for being there with me.

Falda New Look

There are many bloggers that are marvelously well organized, with their plannings, dates of publications and everything… I tried to be like that, but in the end I gave up. Sometimes things don’t work like you planned them, so I live the moment and allow myself to go with the flow. I simply try to have a couple of written posts and to gather as much ideas as I can.

Recently I got a new job, so I’m trying to conciliate it with the blog, which fills me with joy, where I get to meet new people, share ideas with them and sometimes I get pleasantly surprised by my followers.

Normally I get up at 8:30 am, prepare my soya drink with coffee, a few oats cookies or a few toasts and sit down in front of the computer. I check my email, my Facebook page and I reply to my followers. When I finish this, and I get new ideas for my DIY projects, I go downstairs (I live in a two story house), where I have my two workshops, one for sewing and the other one with all my father’s tools, where I do all the messy stuff, like painting, sticking, upholstering… everything that’s not related with sewing, and I start working. Sometimes I only do one thing, if it’s too laborious or if I’m not inspired, but normally I do several things simultaneously and at the same time I take pictures.

At 2:00 pm, I get upstairs to eat, this is a sacred time at my home, then I prepare a coffee and again to the computer, then I retouch the photos and edit the videos, upload them to Youtube and I write the posts, while I’m saving and scheduling them.

Later in the afternoon, I return to my projects. I was doing this before I got this new job, but now I depend on a schedule, nevertheless I do the same thing when the work allows me to.

In the night, if I have published that day, I enter again in my blog to check out the visits and the comments.

DIY valisette, neceser, pintado a mano, rotulador para tela

That is my day to day as a Blogger.


(Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí. ♦ Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui.)

This Saturday I’ll inaugurate a new section on the blog! I have called it “The Routine 1.0 of …” and its main goal is that other bloggers tell me how they organize their daily routine around their blog. Since I am a disaster organizing myself (although I like to do lists, tables, plans, to plan, to take notes and brief notes…), I have always wondered how the people behind my favorite blogs were doing it. That’s why I’ve sent them an open letter asking for their collaboration! I also have thrown the request in Facebook, in the group of Bloguer@s Fandanguer@s. But anyone who wants to send me their text telling me about their own routine can be part of this! I’ll translate your text to Portuguese and Spanish and I’ll publish a text per month, the first Saturday of every month.

Untitled design

Why to call this new section “The Routine 1.0 of…”? You may ask… Because nowadays we call 1.0 to the real world, to our physical life, and world 2.0 to our online life, in the Internet world.

One of my biggest worries and difficulties is to conciliate the life 2.0 with the 1.0, I mean, how do I connect all my activities together? The domestic tasks, to take care of my baby daughter, to cook, to go out for a walk, to watch the series that my husband and I follow (too many), to procrastinate, to prepare content for the blog, to write posts and to wander on the Internet… It intrigues me very much how other bloggers organize their day (or if they are so disorganized like I am and they don’t organize anything) and I would like to be a small fly to enter their homes and watch them working.

I’ve already red several guides to learn how to organize my time, to separate tasks, but I realized that I’m just not that way… I digress too much, get lost in my own thoughts and dreams, I’m very inconstant and when I realize, I’ve spent the whole day doing just one thing (or to be with my daughter, or to take care of the house, or to read your blogs, or to dedicate time to mine …). I even created my own blog planner hoping to center and focus myself a little bit, but it remains difficult to me…

That’s why I thought about creating this section, a space where every month a blogger tells me their daily routine, their week of work and how they conciliate their real life with their online life. I want to learn from them as much as I can and, who knows, to help someone that feels the same way that I do.

So, stay tuned, because this Saturday we’ll give voice to Pepe Oliva, from DIYviértete!


(Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí. ♦ Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui.)

Last week my choices were all related to Berlin. And again this week’s choices have one thing in common: BABIES.

escolhas da semana

♦1 Lately I’ve been discovering through Twitter a lot of new blogs. Most of them are related to maternity, of course :) I still have to explore BABALLA a bit more, but I instantly liked the “Viajar con Niños” (Travel with Kids) section. It’s written only in Spanish though.

♦2 Isn’t this Ikea hack cool? And super easy to make!

♦3 These days cake decoration with fondant is very trendy, but I hate that kind of cakes! They look so artificial and not edible at all. So, when I found these cakes from Papery & Cakery I almost got back to my childhood, when everything was much simpler and natural.

♦4 Oh my, I want one of these rattles for my Olivia! They are sold in Luna de Papel, a kids toys and crafts specialized store.

♦5 Aren’t these sleeping bags for babies super cute? I add my favorite, the one in mustard color, to this image. They are from Baby Bites.

♦6 I always said that is unnecessary to buy shoes for babies that still don’t walk, but these bootees from OSolDeInverno are lovely! Actually, I love everything that’s created by this Spanish brand!

♦7 I’m not a fan of Lacoste, but I simply love their new commercial and the music (full version here) they’ve chosen to go with it! It’s beautiful! Oh and watch the behind the scenes video too!

(Some) changes… How the blog is organized

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

For some time now I’ve been thinking a lot on how this blog should evolve. Initially I created Rabiscarte to show some of the things that I create, like my drawings and paintings, fabric necklaces, felt brooches and everything that came along. But I am and do much more than that!

I want my blog to be a reflection of my personality, my thoughts, ideas and actions and not just a place where I can show my “art”. So, after a lot of thinking and some changes in the blog’s image I’ve come up with this:

blog organization

And this is what you can expect to see on the blog every week:

week plan

I would like to thank to Superyppies and Cortar, Coser y Crear, two blogs I’ve been following lately and that inspired me to do these changes.

Week Selections #5

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

escolhas semana 5 pequeno

♦1 A new blog to follow! is an illustrator’s blog from Chile who’s currently living in Berlin. She writes in English and in Spanish. I found out about this blog thanks to an interview made by Isidora Morales from El Blog de Lupi.

♦2 Last week I received a really cool present for Olivia from my Spanish friends, a dress from Rock Horror Baby. I loved it so much that I went to explore their web page and I fell in love with this dress. It’s so cute!

♦3 I love to discover new music! I stumbled upon Imany in  Grooveshark and immediately started to listen to the full album. I like some songs more than others but in general I love her voice and style. I already knew “You Will Never Know” but I don’t know where from. And my favorite is “Pray For Help“.

♦4 My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV (not counting the series… laughs), but sometimes we watch the only Portuguese channel we have access to, RTP Internacional. One of these days we were watching a television show called Moda Portugal and through them I found out about Rutz, a Portuguese shoes’ brand that designs and produces shoes made of cork! The idea seemed so interesting and the shoes are really pretty! You can find out more about them here.

♦5 I found this beautiful image from Pejac in TODODESIGN Facebook page.

♦6 This small image doesn’t make any justice to the great work of Dave Pollot, but it’s one of my favorites. He gives a new life to the paintings his girlfriend finds for him in thrift stores by adding some modern, pop art and Scifi elements to them. I found him thanks to BuzzFeed.

♦7 Did I already mention that I simply love the kids clothes brand Wild Things? Yes… in here!