Handmade Christmas Gifts: Raubdruckerin

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Hi there everyone! After some really different Christmas vacations, I’m back!

My mum, my little brother and my stepfather came to visit us and we had a blast! Finally I have an Instagram account, so you can follow me and see what we’ve been doing these past few days.

But there’s something apart from our Christmas vacations that I want to tell you about. I would like to talk about all the handmade Xmas gifts that I gave and received.

So, let’s start with the t-shirt I gave my husband Joaquim. I have a couple of friends living and working in Berlin that started not long ago a really cool and original project. Joana and Emma, from Raubdruckerin, take a manhole cover and stamp it in t-shirts, bags and other stuff. Yes, you red it right! Those metal sewage covers that we see in the ground all over the city. We love Berlin and their idea seemed so cool to me that I decided to give one of their t-shirts to my husband. He loved it!!! In fact, it was his favorite gift!


 Berlin’s manhole covers are super nice because they have the main buildings of the city on them. Go and visit Raubdruckerin’s Facebook page, you will love it!


Rabiscarte at Mauerpark, Berlin

When we moved to Berlin, it was quite clear what I wanted to do to get the most out of the city. One of my main goals was to sell in Mauerpark. And I did it! And I loved the experience!

I was so excited that I couldn’t even sleep much the night before and it was a bit hard to get up at 5am, just to be there at 6:30am and stay all day at the same place. We stayed until 6pm! But thanks to Joaquim, my hubby, everything was much more easier. He stood with us all day long, helped me carry and assemble the stand, got us blankets because it was really chilly, got us food, in short, he was an angel, as always!

I shared the table with two great friends that I met at the German classes, both artists. Sun-kyong, from 7legs7steps, and Erica, the author of Olibot.

In the end I sold three bracelets! Two of them went to Italy and the other to Korea! It was very exciting because I was not expecting to sell anything. I went for the experience of being in a market, but to know that people really loves your work and wants to buy it, it’s even better!

It was a great and unforgettable day that I hope to get the chance to repeat…






I’m back!!!

Wow! It’s been a long time since I was here for the last time… It’s a shame, because I’ve been wanting to share so many tings with you and I didn’t have the opportunity, the time, the will or the best way to do it. It’s been more than a year since I published my last post! Shame on you Helena…

I started writing a blog when I moved to a different country and had no job. I used it not only as a way of showing my crafts to the world, but also to keep me occupied and with a sense of purpose in my life. But then I started working at a Pre-School and teaching Portuguese in my spare time, and I found it very hard to conciliate all. Step by step, I left the blog behind… And then, to make things even more complicated, I joined a Translation Course and knitting and drawing classes, so, as you can see, I’ve been quite busy! Of course, with all these activities it’s been really hard to find the time, the will and the creativity to keep creating and updating the blog…

Well, now I want to tell you about how I’ve been spending these last months and I can’t find a good way to do it. But the most important events were without a doubt these:

We went to Japan for 2 weeks (August 2012)


We moved to Berlin (we lived there from March until July 2013)


Mi amiga Sunkyong y yo en el Mauerpark vendiendo nuestras manualidades.

Mi bici :)

Los amigos que hice en las clases de alemán.

En uno de nuestros bares favoritos, donde todos los viernes tocaba un grupo distinto.

We returned to Corunna to atend a very special wedding



We moved again, from Berlin to Geneva (where we are currently living, since September 2013)


I’m pregnant! (since June 2013)



Well, that’s all for now. What matters is that I’m back! I’m back home, where I have the time and availability to keep creating and developing my creativity! Because I’m pregnant, I didn’t even bother to search for a job in a Swiss school. Who would want to hire a potbellied like me?

In the coming days I’ll be posting some things I’ve been working on. Stay tuned!

Berlin breathes art from everywhere…

In August I was in Berlin… for me it is a  dream city! This city breathes art everywhere. In every neighborhood you get to see a street market, where anything is sold, like home-made food, paintings, fashion accessories, purses, sweets… Every street has something different, like a painted wall or door, a windowpane with flowers, a sculpture made of garbage, it’s really a world of inspiration! I’ve been there for 10 days and it felt like it wasn’t enough… Check out some of the many pictures I’ve taken.

By the way, I’m preparing a much more complete post about my trip to Berlin. Soon you’ll get to see it at FOTOVIAJAR, a Portuguese web page about traveling from a friend of mine.

At the several street markets I visited, I had the opportunity of knowing the work of many artists that I didn’t know of until now. Here are the websites of some of them: