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Hello! This week I wanted to work with polymer clay so I used this tutorial from Delighted Momma to learn how to make some beads and use them on a fabric rag necklace. DM_Logo_Nov142012v2

My polymer clay was not high quality so I had some difficulties… One bead broke after being baked while I was trying to string it onto the fabric, but overall I’m very satisfied with the results! I love my new necklaces!

processo colar

What do you think? Do you like them? Have you already worked with polymer clay?

colares trapilho

Tutorial in Action #6: Fabric Rag Bracelet with Sailor Knot

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Hello everybody! How are you? Well, I’m fighting against time and my computer… Two battles really hard to win! I have so much I want to do and so little time… And then comes my computer to mess up a bit more with my schedule and decides to freeze every time I want to work with images. That’s why today’s Tutorial in Action is so easy and fast. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and I decided to make a bracelet with it. Do you like it? I’m very happy with the result :)


instrucoes pulseira


pulseira no

Tutorial in Action #5: XL Crochet Basket (fabric rags) by Crealoo

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So, today I want to show another thing that I’ve made following the instructions of a Crealoo kit: a XL Crochet Basket using fabric rags. If you want to learn how to do this basket you can buy the kit “Starter Kit Ganchillo XL” here. :) I promise you’ll not be disapointed!

905270_10200310022626844_440277990_o 1412714_10200310384115881_1915473630_o

Tutorial in Action #4: Rubber Stamps by Crealoo

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What’s Crealoo? It’s a company that designs DIY kits, simple as that! You ask for your kit and you get a box full of materials and really good instructions to create your own things.

My mum gave me a three month subscription for 2012 Christmas, so I received three boxes during three months! I loved the idea, but with all the moving (from La Coruña to Berlin and then to Geneva) those boxes stood closed and untouched during a long time…

Since I arrived to Geneva I’ve been putting in practice some of the Crealoo‘s tutorials and this is one of my favorites! Rubber stamps! It’s so easy to make them! You just need to follow the instructions they give you in the magazine but you can see by my photos that it”s really simple.

I chose some simple shapes to carve since it was my first time doing it. What do you think? I’m really happy with the results!



Tutorial in Action #3: Macrame Rings

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Hi everybody! As usual, I’m posting too late…

Today I made some macrame rings. They are really easy to make and I love the way they look in my finger.

So, here is the original, that I found here


And here are mine…

aneis tutorial

They are easier to make if you use a thick string, like I did. Don’t mind my ugly untreated nails, please!

Tutorial in Action #2: Weaving Danish Heart Baskets

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You thought I would forget to publish today’s tutorial? No… Better late than never, right? I’ve been occupied with other things and I didn’t have time to publish it sooner. That’s why I chose a really simple tutorial that I found here through Pinterest.


image by radmegan

And here are mine! A brooch and a magnet :)

coracao feltro

Tutorial in Action #1: Animal Envelope Pouch by Misako Mimoko

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I’ve been thinking in ways to give a new life to my blog and in that process I came up with the idea of writing regular posts about a specific subject.


So, today we’ll start with my new Wednesday’s article “Tutorial in Action”. The idea is to pick a tutorial per week and put it into practice. I’m talking about those tutorials that I add to my Pinterest and say that some day I’ll do this… but I never do. So, today is the day that I quit all my excuses and start to get some work done!

I want to start with a tutorial by Misako Mimoko that I found last week in Handmade Charlotte. The idea seemed super simple, pretty and easy but… no matter how hard I try, the original is always better! Why is it that everyone else’s work is always perfect and mine seems to be made by a 3 year old child? First, I didn’t have in hand all the materials that I needed, so I made some alterations. Then, I hadn’t put these hands to work for a long time and, like everything in life, perfection demands practice…

Anyway… here are the photos of what I have done. But before, one of what I was supposed to do lol


And here’s mine…

animal pouch misako mimoko

I think I’ll give it another shot because I really liked the original idea. But with the right materials and a more thick felt.