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Hi there again!

As you may know, I’m a kindergarten teacher and a young mum. I’ve learned a lot in these past 8 months, but especially I’ve learned to understand what most of my kids’ mums/dads (when I was working) were feeling when they were worried about eating, sleeping, pooping and all of those baby things. In those times I would listen to them and feel sympathy for their doubts and problems and I would help them, feeling myself pretty comfortable because I had red so many books about babies and childhood. But now I see that, although I felt sympathetic, I was not 100% understanding. Now I can say that theory is a beautiful thing and knowledge is never enough, but there’s nothing like practice to really learn and get the know how about things!

So, taking in consideration both theory and practice, I summarized the first 6 months of my maternity. This is very personal and you should take in consideration that what worked for me may not work for you. Every baby is different! And also every couple form a different team with a different parenting style!

Just click on one of the images to download both PDFs.



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Lately I’ve been participating in several initiatives from some Spanish blogs. This post is part of one of them, so it doesn’t make much sense to publish it in English… I’m sorry…

I’ll just translate what I wrote to this initiative from “Hoy Compartimos…” which theme is “3 are not a crowd”. The complete post is in Spanish.

My dark circles have tripled it’s size…

But I don’t care, because now we are 3!

I miss drinking a good Portuguese wine with my father in law…

But I don’t care, because now we are 3!

I miss partying with my Corunna’s friends…

But I don’t care, because now we are 3!

I miss Berlin…

But I don’t care, because now we are 3!

I miss traveling…

But I don’t care, because now we are 3!

In less than two weeks three months have passed since we are three!



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Olivia is 2 months now! Time really flies! In these past two months I’ve been learning to know my baby, to know when she’s hungry, when she needs to sleep, when she needs to have her diaper changed or when she just needs to cuddle or a bit of attention. It looks easy, but all of these actions can be messed up and misunderstood.

Even more if you don’t want to give your baby a pacifier and instead you use your breasts as one, like I did! So, for a while, every time Olivia showed a bit of discomfort I would breast feed her. That meant a lot of vomiting and not really knowing why she was complaining, but it was a really easy solution for us.

She doesn’t cry too much and she is a really calm and happy baby, but the day that not even my breast would calm her down arrived! And in that day we gave her a pacifier… I was so tired and we didn’t know why she was crying… She didn’t like it at all and she still doesn’t, but I have to admit that sometimes it helps a lot!

A few days later I would still give her my breasts anytime she asked for them and it was a bit tiring and confusing. When the pediatrician asked how many times Olivia eats I couldn’t answer… So, Joaquim asked me to take note of that. I didn’t…

Then my mum came to visit us and kindly said: “You like tables so much, why don’t you make one for you and Olivia?” And I did! Now I know how many times my baby eats, when she needs to be changed or how many hours she slept. Now I’m more relaxed and it’s easier to know what she needs!


Thus, for you, new mums like me, here’s a table that can really help you to take control :) Just click on the image to download the table. I made 2 in a page so you don’t waste a lot of paper.

dia a dia en

So, tell me about you and your baby! Do you take notes about feeding, napping and diaper changing like me? Do you think it’s useful or you don’t need it?

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Welcome Olivia!

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Today is Olivia’s first month anniversary! And what a better way to celebrate it than to announce it to the world?

She was born on the 5th of March at 16h24 with 3,380 kg. She is perfect, beautiful and healthy!

So many things have passed since then and she is growing so fast… But between assisting her needs, keeping our home in order or just taking a shower my self,  I couldn’t find the time to keep the blog active.

It’s really strange because I’ve never been so productive as I am now: I learned how to not procrastinate and really use wisely my free time. And I’m sleeping just a few hours at night! I am truly impressed with myself, now I feel like a real mum.

So, I can’t promise I will keep blogging everyday, but I’ll surely try!