(Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí. ♦ Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui.)

Yes! I’m back! Finally! Yes, my vacations ended in September, but coming back to the blog and the routines is very hard for me… You know, constancy is not my thing, let’s face it!

I have so many things to share that I don’t even know where I should begin. Nothing better than a list, don’t you think?

Let’s go!

- NEWS -

# 1
I wrote some articles about Berlin for my dearest friend Luis Seco, author of the Fotoviajar blog. It’s in portuguese though, sorry! But I’m so proud of it! Please stop by his blog because even if you can’t read, you’ll always be able to appreciate his great awesome photos!

# 2
I finally started my living room’s wall decoration! It is so big and empty… More on that later, I promise!

# 3
My sweat dear best husband in the world got me a drawing tablet!!! Yay! So, now I’m learning how to work with it (when Olivia allows me to…). More on that later too ;)


# 1
Canva! Oh my! I’m completely obsessed with this new application! It is quite new, so it has some bugs, but it’s awesome!!! Canva is a great tool to create posters, printables, business cards, infographics and whatever you want to design! I created some printables that you can freely download (by just clicking on each image)! I hanged some on my living room wall :)






# 2
Instagram! It’s so easy and fast to use… You can write whatever you want, with no limits or restrictions! And it’s an awesome tool to discover new people and artists! Currently I’m publishing some cool photos there, so I advise you to follow me, seriously! Just take a look! I promise you’ll like to follow me, because I may not be very regular with the blog, but I can’t stop creating and it’s much more easy for me to show my creations there.




Yeah, I think that’s all for today! I’ll try to post more regularly, I promise! See you!!!

(Some) changes… How the blog is organized

(Podem ler este artigo em Português aqui. Podéis leer este artículo en Español aquí.)

For some time now I’ve been thinking a lot on how this blog should evolve. Initially I created Rabiscarte to show some of the things that I create, like my drawings and paintings, fabric necklaces, felt brooches and everything that came along. But I am and do much more than that!

I want my blog to be a reflection of my personality, my thoughts, ideas and actions and not just a place where I can show my “art”. So, after a lot of thinking and some changes in the blog’s image I’ve come up with this:

blog organization

And this is what you can expect to see on the blog every week:

week plan

I would like to thank to Superyppies and Cortar, Coser y Crear, two blogs I’ve been following lately and that inspired me to do these changes.