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Hello everybody! This month I joined the great initiative by Saray, from Pixelados, Designs Around The World! Each month she chooses a country and the bloggers participating have to show something related with the country in question. Well, this month is Brasil’s turn!

As you may know I’m Portuguese and in Brasil they speak the same language as we do in Portugal… but… it’s not quite quite the same! Of course we can understand each other (well, Brazilians quite often don’t understand us Portuguese because we tend to close our mouth and we join words when we speak; but thanks to Brazilian TV Soap Operas and the open accent that they have we can understand them much much better), but there are some real differences between these “two languages” and it’s not just a matter of accent! We have different grammars and even different vocabulary! These differences exist and it’s only normal that they do. More than 500 years have passed since Brazil became independent from Portugal and it’s natural that their Portuguese has evolved in a different way than ours. There is no Portuguese form that is better than another, they are just different!

So, thinking of all of my Spanish friends that say Portuguese from Brazil and Portuguese from Portugal are the same, I’ve made a really small list of words that are different in both countries. There are many many others, these are just a tiny sample of how different these two Portuguese forms can be. I appreciate these differences and to discuss/explain them to my friends. I hope you like to learn new languages!

português br e pt-8