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Do you remember when I said here that I like to make plans and tables? Well, I do! So, today I have another Educative Resource I normally use when I work in a school. I started to use this table in the university and it was given by my teachers. Since then, I’ve made some changes to better fit my needs. This resource is my Week Planner — the table I use to prepare all the activities for my kids. I don’t include here all the daily routines. For those I have a special table and I’ll publish it in another post. After the image I’ll briefly explain how I fill this planning table.

Just click on the image so you can download the table in a PDF format.


Yes, I plan every week! First, together with all my school colleagues, we make an annual plan for the school year. This Annual Project is divided by trimesters. Then, with my class colleague, we plan every month and finally we plan each week. It isn’t so hard, trust me and helps us a lot in a daily basis.

So, without any further delay, let’s see how do I fill this table.

1. LEFT TOP RECTANGLE: school name/logo;
2. WEEK (from day “x” to day “y”), PROJECT UNIT (as I said, we plan the school year and we divide it by trimesters. Here you should put the trimester’s name/title/theme), CLASS (class name), GROUP (how many kids), CONTENTS (keywords for this week’s plan), TEACHERS (names);
3. ACTIVITY: the name of the main activity for that day. Sometimes we had more than one main activity for the day, so we simply enlarged and divided this row;
4. APPROXIMATE DURATION: how long will the activity take? More a less, of course, because you never know exactly…;
5. MATERIALS: you should know in advance witch materials you’ll need for each activity, this will save you a lot of time and help you to have the activity prepared before you initiate it with the kids;
6. SPECIFIC GOALS: no, not that kind of goals you see on the text book. What do you really pretend to achieve with this activity? For example, I think my kids are very stressed and I really think they should rest a bit. So, my main goal for a relaxation activity is to get them to be calm and relaxed. But I may also want them to practice some relaxation techniques so they can use them later by themselves. Or one of my specific goals may be for instance that I want them to listen to new music that they don’t yet know. Did I make myself clear? If not, please leave your doubts in the comments section;
7. STRATEGIES: every activity has a beginning, a middle and an end, so here you should describe how your activity will be developed. This is very very useful! It helps you to know exactly what you will do, how you will do it, where and with whom;
8. EVALUATION: this part is a bit hard and it takes effort. After each activity you should answer a set of questions in order to be a better educator/teacher. This evaluation last part is very important if you want — and I suppose we all do — to be better and better at your job. It helps you to think about what you did, what you should have done and what will you do the next time. It’s here so you can make an introspective reflection about you and your work. The first question you should ask yourself is if you achieved or think your kids achieved all the specific goals you planned for the activity. Then you should ask if the materials you used were well chosen and if you planned right the time and the development of the activity. You can also make — in a different sheet, of course — a small summary of what happened.

And that’s it! What do you think? Did I help you? Do you see yourself using a table like this?

Photography Challenge #6 REFLECTIONS

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photochallenge logo

Today we have photos from four different authors! I’m very happy with their participation in my challenge! Thank you so much! So, without further delay, here they come:

First mine!
fotos reflexos

Then Catuxa’s. She has a blog about travelling and I love her photos! Go check out Padeciendo Stendhal!
fotos catu

And now the ones from the two new photographers, my brother in law Ricardo and my friend Enid.


And, next week’s theme is… WORDS! Any kind of words… on a traffic sign, on a book, on publicity board… You choose! Send me your photos before next Sunday night to inforabiscarte (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Week Selections #6

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I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but this Week Selections are all related to Berlin in some way or another. Oh… I forgot to tell you, my husband and I love Berlin! seleccoes da semana

♦1 A lot of hipsters live in Berlin! And hipsters love TOMS shoes! Well, I don’t want to be a hipster or like everybody else, but I love those shoes! I can’t help it! My birthday is coming… just so you know ;)

♦2 The other day I was organizing my stuff and I found a postcard from MAUBERLIN. One of my favorite things to do in Berlin when we lived there was to go to Mauerpark every Sunday. There I would see the most beautiful and original handmade things and among them there was this stand full of adorable and funny cushions. I usually don’t like stuffed toys, but I can’t deny these cushions are super cool!

♦3 Yesterday Joaquim sent me this link. Please watch! I promise you will love it!

♦4 I miss my bicycle… This bike basket was “pimped” by Nulan.

♦5 And what do you think about this picture? I love everything in it! It reminds me of the building we used to live in back in Berlin… And I love the bag the girl is carrying! This photo was taken by Mónica Bedmar and the bag is from Caterina Pérez new bag’s collection. I found it on Kireei.

rabiscarte’s creations #1: my simple vanilla and raspberry’s cake recipe

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Last Tuesday night I baked a cake to thank my husband’s colleagues at CERN for the gift they gave us and Olivia. I was in a hurry, since my baby takes a lot from me ♥ The recipe had to be really simple and fast! So, here it goes:

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of sugar, 6 eggs, 125 + 25 gr of soft butter, 1 big spoon of vanilla essence, 1 small spoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, frozen raspberries (as many as you want).

DIRECTIONS: 1. preheat the oven at 180 ºC; 2. mix the sugar with the eggs, add the 125 gr of butter, then the vanilla essence, the flour with the salt and the baking powder; 3. spread the cake mold with the remaining 25 gr of butter; 4. on the bottom of the cake mold spread some sugar and your raspberries; 5. pour the dough into the mold and take it into the oven for 1 hour and it’s ready! Enjoy!

The photos were taken by my hubby.


Tutorial in Action #6: Fabric Rag Bracelet with Sailor Knot

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Hello everybody! How are you? Well, I’m fighting against time and my computer… Two battles really hard to win! I have so much I want to do and so little time… And then comes my computer to mess up a bit more with my schedule and decides to freeze every time I want to work with images. That’s why today’s Tutorial in Action is so easy and fast. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and I decided to make a bracelet with it. Do you like it? I’m very happy with the result :)


instrucoes pulseira


pulseira no